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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 8. Traffic Code

Sec. 8-01. State traffic laws adopted.

(1) The statutory provisions following the prefix "8" describing and defining regulations with respect to vehicles and traffic in the following enumerated sections of the Wisconsin Statutes, exclusive of any provisions therein relating to the penalties to be imposed or the punishment for violation of such statutes, are hereby adopted and by reference made a part of this chapter as if fully set forth. Any act required to be performed or prohibited by any statute incorporated in this section by reference is required or prohibited by this chapter. Any future amendments, revisions or modifications of the statutes incorporated in this section are intended to be made part of this Code in order to secure uniform statewide regulation of traffic on the highways, streets and alleys of the State of Wisconsin:

Wis. Stats.  
8.110.075 Motor vehicle inspection
8.340.01, 8.341.01, 8.342.01, 8.343.01, 8.344.01, 8.346.01, 8.347.01 and 8.348.01 Words and phrases defined
8.341.04 Penalty for operating unregistered or improperly registered vehicles
8.341.045 Use of registered farm trucks regulated
8.341.05 When vehicle exempt from registration
8.341.07 Certain vehicles to be registered by resident lessee
8.341.08 Application for registration
8.341.11(4) Display of registration certificates
8.341.15 Display of registration plates
8.341.16(2) Destruction of illegible plates, issuance of replacement plates
8.341.51 When department to register dealer, distributor, manufacturer or transporter, application
8.341.55 Penalty for misuse of plates
8.341.61 Improper use of evidence of registration
8.341.62 False evidence of registration
8.341.63(3) Surrender of plates upon suspension
8.342.05 When certificate of title required
8.342.06 Application for certificate of title
8.342.15 Transfer of interest in a vehicle
8.342.16 Transfer to or from dealer
8.342.30(2) and (3) Assignment and stamping of new identification numbers
8.342.31(2) Report of stolen or abandoned vehicle
8.342.33 Sale of vehicle used as taxicab
8.342.34 Department to be notified of destruction or junking of vehicle
8.343.05 Operators to be licensed (first offense)
8.343.10 Occupational licenses
8.343.12 School bus operators to obtain special authorization
8.343.18 License to be carried; verification of signature
8.343.19 Duplicate licenses or identification cards
8.343.22 Notice of change of address or name
8.343.305(2) Implied consent
8.343.35 Surrender of license upon revocation, cancellation or suspension
8.343.43(1)(d) Unlawful use of license
8.343.44(1)(a) Operating while suspended
8.343.45 Permitting unauthorized persons to drive
8.343.46 Duty of persons renting vehicles to others
8.344.45 Surrender of license and registration upon suspension
8.344.46 Transfer of ownership to defeat purpose of chapter
8.344.51 and 8.344.52 Financial responsibility for rented vehicles
8.345.28, 8.345.34, 8.345.35, 8.345.36, 8.345.37 Nonmoving traffic violations procedure
8.345.55 Traffic officers not to profit from arrests
8.346.02 Applicability of ch. 346
8.346.03 Applicability of rules of the road to authorized emergency vehicles
8.346.04(1) and (2) Obedience to traffic officer, signs and signals
8.346.05 Vehicles to be driven on right side of roadway; exceptions
8.346.06 Meeting of vehicles
8.346.07 Overtaking and passing on left
8.346.075 Overtaking and passing bicycles and motor buses
8.346.08 When overtaking and passing on right permitted
8.346.09 Limitations on overtaking on left or driving on left side of roadway
8.346.922 Transporting children in cargo areas of motor trucks
8.346.10 When passing at railroad crossing, intersection, bridge, viaduct or tunnel prohibited
8.346.11 Passing or meeting frightened animal
8.346.12 Driving through safety zones prohibited
8.346.13 Driving on roadways laned for traffic
8.346.14 Distance between vehicles
8.346.15 Driving on divided highway
8.346.16 Use of controlled-access highways, expressways and freeways
8.346.18 General rules of right-of-way
8.346.19 What to do on approach of emergency vehicle
8.346.20 Right-of-way of funeral processions and military convoys
8.346.21 Right-of-way of livestock
8.346.23 Crossing controlled intersection or crosswalk
8.346.24 Crossing at uncontrolled intersection or crosswalk
8.346.25 Crossing at place other than crosswalk
8.346.26 Blind pedestrian on highway
8.346.27 Persons working on highway
8.346.28 Pedestrians to walk on left side of highway; pedestrians and bicyclists on sidewalks
8.346.29 When standing or loitering in roadway or highway prohibited
8.346.31 Required position and method of turning at intersections
8.346.32 Required position for turning into private road or driveway
8.346.33 Where turns prohibited; exception
8.346.34 Turning movements and required signals on turning and stopping
8.346.35 Method of giving signals on turning and stopping
8.346.37 Traffic-control signal legend
8.346.38 Pedestrian control signals
8.346.39 Flashing signals
8.346.40 Whistle signals
8.346.41 Display of unauthorized signs and signals prohibited
8.346.42 Interference with signs and signals prohibited
8.346.44 All vehicles to stop at signal indicating approach of train
8.346.45 Certain vehicles to stop at all railroad crossings
8.346.46 Vehicles to stop at stop signs and school crossings
8.346.47 When vehicles using alley or nonhighway access to stop
8.346.48 Exceptions to stopping and parking restrictions
8.346.50 Exceptions to stopping and parking restrictions
8.346.505 Stopping, standing or parking prohibited in places reserved for vehicles displaying special restriction plates or special identification cards
8.346.51 Stopping, standing or parking outside of business or residence districts
8.346.52 Stopping prohibited in certain specified places
8.346.53 Parking prohibited in certain specified places
8.346.54 How to park and stop on streets
8.346.55 Other restrictions on parking and stopping
8.346.57(2) Reasonable and prudent speed
8.346.57(3) Conditions requiring reduced speed
8.346.57(4)(a)(c) Fixed speed limits in school or safety zones
8.346.57(4)(d)(g) Fixed speed limits
8.346.57(4)(h) Emergency energy speed limit
8.346.57(4)(i) Speeding in park or recreation area
8.346.57(5) Zoned and posted speed limits
8.346.58 Special speed restrictions for certain vehicles
8.346.59 Minimum speed regulations
8.346.595 Motorcycles and mopeds
8.346.61 Applicability of sections relating to reckless and drunken driving
8.346.62(1) Reckless driving (first offense within four years)
8.346.63 Operating under influence of intoxicant or other drug
8.346.66 Applicability of sections relating to accidents and accident reporting
8.346.68 Duty upon striking unattended vehicle
8.346.69 Duty upon striking property on or adjacent to highway
8.346.70 Duty to report accident
8.346.71 Coroners or medical examiners to report; require blood specimen
8.346.72 Garages to keep record of repairs of accident damage
8.346.73 Accident reports not to be used in trial
8.346.77 Responsibility of parent or guardian for violation of bicycle and play vehicle regulations
8.346.78 Play vehicles not to be used on roadway
8.346.79 Special rules applicable to bicycles
8.346.80 Riding bicycle on roadway
8.346.803 Riding bicycle on bicycle way
8.346.804 Riding bicycle on sidewalks
8.346.87 Limitations on backing
8.346.88 Obstruction of operator's view or driving mechanism
8.346.89 Inattentive driving
8.346.90 Following emergency vehicle
8.346.91 Crossing fire hose
8.346.92 Illegal riding
8.346.93 Intoxicants in vehicles; underage person
8.346.935 Intoxicants in motor vehicles
8.346.94 Miscellaneous prohibited acts
8.347.02 Applicability of ch. 347
8.347.03 Sale of prohibited equipment unlawful
8.347.04 Owner responsible for improperly equipped vehicle
8.347.06 When lighted lamps required
8.347.07 Special restrictions on lamps and the use thereof
8.347.08 Determining the visibility distance and mounted height of lamps
8.347.09 Headlamps on motor vehicles
8.347.10 Headlamp specifications for motor vehicles other than mopeds and motor bicycles
8.347.11 Headlamp specifications for mopeds and motor bicycles
8.347.12 Use of multiple-beam headlamps
8.347.13 Taillamps and registration plate lamps
8.347.14 Stop lamps
8.347.15 Direction signal lamps or devices
8.347.16 Clearance lamps and reflectors
8.347.17 Color of clearance and marker lamps and reflectors
8.347.18 Mounting of clearance lamps and reflectors
8.347.19 Visibility of clearance lamps and reflectors
8.347.20 Lamp or flag on projecting load
8.347.21 Lamps and flags on trains of agricultural vehicles
8.347.22 Lamps on farm tractors and self-propelled farm implements
8.347.23 Lamps on highway maintenance equipment
8.347.24 Lamps on nonmotor vehicles and equipment
8.347.245 Identification emblem on certain slow moving vehicles
8.347.25 Special warning lamps on vehicles
8.347.26 Restrictions on certain optional lighting equipment
8.347.27 When lighted lamps required on parked vehicles
8.347.28 Certain vehicles to carry flares or other warning devices
8.347.29 Display of warning devices for certain vehicles when standing on highway
8.347.35 Brakes
8.347.36 Performance ability of brakes
8.347.38 Horns and warning devices
8.347.39 Mufflers
8.347.40 Mirrors
8.347.41 Speed indicators
8.347.415 Odometer tampering
8.347.42 Windshield wipers
8.347.43 Safety glass
8.347.44 Painting requirements for school buses; restrictions as to painting of other vehicles
8.347.45 Tire equipment
8.347.46 Fenders and mudguards
8.347.47 Drawbars, trailer hitches and mobile home couplings
8.347.48 Safety belts and child safety restraint systems
8.347.485 Protective headgear for use on type 1 motorcycles
8.347.486 General requirements
8.347.487 Seating requirements
8.347.488 Moped equipment
8.347.489 Lamps and other equipment on bicycles and motor bicycles
8.347.49 Equipment of vehicles transporting flammable liquids
8.348.02 Applicability of chapter
8.348.05 Width of vehicles
8.348.06 Height of vehicles
8.348.07 Length of vehicles
8.348.08 Vehicle trains
8.348.09 Projecting loads on side of vehicle
8.348.10 Special limitations on load
8.348.15 Weight limitations on class "A" highways
8.348.16 Weight limitations on class "B" highways
8.348.17 Special or seasonal weight limitations
8.348.175 Seasonal operation for vehicles hauling peeled or unpeeled forest products cut crosswise or abrasives or salt for highway winter maintenance
8.348.18 Weight limitations apply to publicly owned vehicles; exceptions
8.348.185 Empty weight to be indicated on side of certain vehicles; rules
8.348.19 Traffic officers may weigh vehicles and require removal of excess load
8.348.20 Policy in prosecuting weight violations
8.348.25 General provisions relating to permits for vehicles and loads of excessive size and weight
8.348.26 Single trip permits
8.348.27 Annual, consecutive month or multiple trip permits
8.348.28 Permits to be carried
8.350.018.350.19 Snowmobiles
8.941.01 Negligent operation of vehicle

(Code 1982, 7.01; Ord. No. 988, 1 (7.011), 2, 8-26-2003)