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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 8. Traffic Code

Sec. 8-06. Official traffic signs and signals.

(1) Placement and maintenance. The director of public works, in cooperation with the chief of police, shall place and maintain appropriate and necessary traffic signs, signals and markings conforming to the requirements of the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and state law.

(2) Removal of unofficial signs and signals. The board of public works shall have the authority granted by 349.09Wis. Stats. and shall order the removal of a sign, signal, marking or device placed, maintained or displayed in violation of this chapter or 346.41 Wis. Stats. The expense of removal may be assessed as a special tax pursuant to 349.09 Wis. Stats.

(3) Intersection control. The director of public works may prohibit right turn on red or left turns at any intersection where such restrictions are necessary or convenient for traffic safety and control, pursuant to section 8-41.

(Code 1982, 7.22; Ord. No. 936, 6, 8-13-2002)