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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 8. Traffic Code

Sec. 8-141. Operation.

(1) State snowmobile laws adopted. Except as otherwise specifically provided in this chapter, the statutory provisions describing and defining regulations with respect to snowmobiles in the state statutes and section 8-01 of this Code are hereby adopted by reference and made part of this section as if fully set forth in this section. Acts required to be performed or prohibited by such statutes are required or prohibited by this section.

(2) Applicability of rules of the road to snowmobiles. The operator of a snowmobile upon a roadway shall, in addition to the provisions of chapter 350 Wis. Stats., be subject to 346.04, 346.06, 346.11, 346.14(1), 346.18, 346.19, 346.20, 346.21, 346.26, 346.27, 346.33, 346.35, 346.37, 346.39, 346.40, 346.44, 346.46, 346.47, 346.48, 346.50(1)(b), 346.51, 346.52, 346.53, 346.54, 346.55, 346.87, 346.88, 346.89, 346.90, 346.91, 346.92(1) and 346.94(1) and (9) Wis. Stats.

(3) Permitting operation by improper persons prohibited. No owner or person having charge or control of a snowmobile shall authorize or permit any person to operate such snowmobile who is incapable by reason of age, physical or mental disability, or is under the influence of intoxicating liquor, fermented malt beverages or controlled substances.

(4) Written consent of owner required. The consent required under 350.10(1)(f) Wis. Stats. shall be written consent dated and limited to the year in which the consent is given. If the property is owned or leased by more than one person, the consent of each shall be obtained.

(5) Routes designated. Except as provided in 350.02 and 350.03 Wis. Stats., no person shall operate a snowmobile upon any public right-of-way, in any public park or on any other public property in the city except on marked routes, trails, or areas as are authorized and designated in the Administrative Code of Traffic and Parking Regulations, except operation of snowmobiles on public streets is authorized when the operator is proceeding directly to or from an otherwise approved route and that distance does not exceed ten city blocks. Snowmobiles operating on public streets shall operate on the extreme right side of the roadway, to the extent possible.

(6) Speed. No person shall operate a snowmobile within the city in excess of 15 miles per hour on those routes designated in subsection (5) of this section.

(7) Hours of operation. No person shall operate a snowmobile within the city between 12:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.

(8) Unattended vehicles. No person shall leave or allow a snowmobile owned or operated by him to remain unattended on any public highway or public property while the motor is running or with the starting key left in the ignition.

(9) Operation on sidewalks or malls prohibited. No person shall operate a snowmobile on any sidewalk, pedestrian way or mall within the city.

(10) Operation on private premises restricted. No person shall operate a snowmobile on any private property within the city not owned or controlled by him without the express permission of the owner.

(Code 1982, 7.21; Ord. No. 936, 5, 8-13-2002)