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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 9. Licenses and Permits

Sec. 9-28. Investigation.

Upon receipt of an application for any retail class "A," "class A," class "B," or "class B" license or combination therefor or wholesale license, the city clerk shall send copies thereof to the fire department, building services supervisor and police department. The building services supervisor and the fire department either jointly or severally, within 15 days of receiving such copies, shall make a report, in writing, to the City Clerk, as to whether the premises meet the requirements of this chapter and the building, zoning, fire, and health codes. The police department shall report in writing to the committee chairman as to any police record of an applicant or an applicant's agent which may reflect habitual violation of law or conviction of a felony.

(Code 1982, 12.03(8); Ord. No. 1155, 1, 8-11-2009)