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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 9. Licenses and Permits

Sec. 9-57. Commercial haulers.

(1) License required. No person shall engage in, exercise or carry on a trade or business of picking up and hauling garbage and recyclable materials in the city without first obtaining a license therefor as provided in this section.

(2) Vehicle regulations. Regulations for vehicles shall be as follows:

  1. Construction. All trucks or other vehicles, whether used by garbage collectors or by persons hauling their own garbage, shall be of substantial construction, and the body shall be watertight or shall be of a type commonly known as packers. No vehicle shall be loaded so that the contents shall fall or blow from the vehicle. In the case of combustible refuse, the vehicles shall be equipped with a covering or the combustible refuse covered with a tarpaulin or a similar covering in such a manner as to prevent the combustible refuse from falling or blowing from the vehicle.
  2. Parking restrictions. No person shall park or cause to be parked any such vehicle as described in subsection (2)(a) of this section and used by such garbage collectors in any single-family residential district, two-family residential district, multiple-family residential district or mobile home residential district of the City of Marshfield for more than one hour.

(3) License fee. The fee for the license required by this section shall be $50.00 per vehicle each year. Such license shall expire on January 1 after its issuance, and no reduction shall be made in such fee for a period of less than one year. The fee shall be paid to the finance director prior to the issuance or renewal of such license. In the event a license is being transferred from a licensee to a third party, such transfer, if approved, shall be made without an additional fee except that $10.00 shall be paid to cover the cost of the transfer.

(4) License application. Application for such license shall be made in writing to the city clerk on forms to be furnished by the clerk and approved by the license committee and the chief of police. The applicant shall furnish such information as may be required to prove the applicant to be of good character, in addition to any other information deemed necessary by the license committee and the chief of police. Upon approval of the application by the license committee and the chief of police and upon the filing of the bond required in subsection (5) of this section, the license may be issued by the city clerk.

(5) Bond. Persons desiring a license required by this section shall, prior to the issuance thereof, enter into a bond to the city with such sureties as may be approved by the license committee in the penal sum of $200.00, conditioned for the observation of all codes of the city now in force or hereafter passed regulating or pertaining to such business.

(6) Recycling education of customers. All persons engaged in the hauling of garbage or recyclable materials within the city shall be responsible for providing education and information to owners or agents of multifamily dwellings, and nonresidential facilities and properties, regarding the proper recycling techniques and practices.

(7) Information on license. The license shall state the name of the licensee, the fee, the address of the place of business, type of business to be carried on and the names of the bondsmen.

(8) Transfer of license. No license shall be transferred from the licensee to any other person without the approval of the license committee or the chief of police.

(9) Hauler restrictions. All haulers or contractors engaged in the hauling of garbage or recyclable materials within the City of Marshfield may not dispose in a landfill or burn in a solid waste facility any recyclable materials generated in the City of Marshfield. This includes any recyclable materials separated from solid waste and/or solid waste that contains recyclable material. Haulers shall not compact glass with paper during collection and transport of recyclable materials to a processing facility or market and shall maintain recyclable materials in a marketable condition.

(10) Monthly reporting. All haulers or contractors engaged in the hauling of garbage or recyclable material within the City of Marshfield shall provide to the street superintendent a monthly report for solid waste tonnage and recyclable tonnage collected in the City of Marshfield from all sources.

(Code 1982, 11.17)