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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 9. Licenses and Permits

Sec. 9-71. License required.

No person shall operate within the city any scrap metal business or motor vehicle salvage business without first having obtained a license therefor, with approval of the council, upon review and recommendation of the Judiciary, License and Cemetery Committee.  Operators of any scrap metal business must be in full compliance of this article and Sec. 134.405 Wis. Stats.  Operators of any motor vehicle salvage business must be in full compliance with this article and Subchapter VII of Chapter 218 Wis. Stats.  The licensing requirement shall not apply to:

(1) Motor vehicle dealers licensed under State Stat. 218.0114 who remove, but do not sell, as such, parts of motor vehicles prior to sale of such vehicles to motor vehicle salvage dealers or scrap metal processors.

(2) Scrap metal processors and portable scrap metal crushers who accept motor vehicles from only:

a. Licensed motor vehicle dealers;

b. Licensed motor vehicle salvage dealers; or

c. Municipalities, all of whom shall submit titles and reports to the department and retain records.

(3) Any person who acquires a motor vehicle for salvage purposes for his or her own use and then sells the remainder to a motor vehicle salvage dealer or to another person who will further use that motor vehicle for salvage purposes for his or her own use before selling it to a motor vehicle salvage dealer.

(4) Collectors of special interest vehicles who purchase or sell parts cars in compliance with State Stats. 341.266.

(5) Businesses meeting the definition of Metal Recycling Collector or Metal Materials Dealer.


(Code 1982, 12.10(1))