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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 9. Licenses and Permits

Sec. 9-94. Application for license.

The application for the license shall contain the following, and an inspection and investigation shall be made as follows:

(1) Information required. Application for a mobile home park license shall be filed with the city clerk. The application shall be in writing signed by the applicant and shall contain the following:

  1. The name and address of the applicant.
  2. The location and legal description of the mobile home park.
  3. A complete plan of the park showing the locations of all roads, lots, utilities and common areas of the park.
  4. Plans and specifications of all buildings and other structures constructed or to be constructed within the mobile home park.
  5. Such further information as may be requested by the judiciary, license and cemetery committee to enable it to determine if the proposed park will comply with legal requirements.

(2) Inspection and investigation. The application and all accompanying plans and specifications shall be filed in triplicate with the building services supervisor. The board of public works, the chief of police and the building services supervisor shall investigate the applicant and inspect the proposed plans and specifications. If the applicant is found to be of good moral character, and the proposed mobile home park will be in compliance with all provisions of this article and with ATCP 125Wis. Admin. Code and 66.0435 Wis. Stats., the council shall approve the application and, upon completion of the park according to the plans, the city clerk shall issue the license.

(3) Transfer applications. Upon application for a transfer of the license, the council shall approve a transfer if the license committee and the chief of police shall report that the transferee is of good moral character.

(Code 1982, 12.11(4))