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Municipal Code


Municipal Code

Chapter 17. Electrical Code

Sec. 17-36. Board of electrical examiners.

(1) Composition. The board of electrical examiners shall consist of seven members as follows:

  1. One electrical contractor or master electrician.
  2. Three electricians.
  3. One alderperson.
  4. One citizen member.
  5. One employee from the electric department of the Marshfield Electric and Water Department.

(2) Appointment. The electrical inspector shall act as secretary for the electrical board without any vote. All members of the board shall be appointed by the mayor, subject to the confirmation of the council, at the organizational meeting of the council in each year, and shall hold office for three years, commencing May 1. The electrical contractor/master electrician member and the electrician members shall, if possible, be rotated each year from those electrical contracting firms or businesses that perform electrical work within the city.

(3) Qualifications. All members of the board of electrical examiners excepting the citizen member and the alderperson shall be qualified in accordance with the requirements governing their classification before their appointment and confirmation by the council.

(4) Vacancy. Vacancies on the board of electrical examiners shall be filled by appointment by the mayor and shall be confirmed by the council.

(5) Quorum. Four members of the board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, but no recommendations for the issuance, suspension or revocation of a license shall be adopted except by a vote of four members of the board of electrical examiners. The electrical inspector shall properly investigate and report to the board of electrical examiners the qualifications and competency of the applicants in the field of electrical work.

(6) Meetings. The board of electrical examiners shall meet at least once each month on a regular day for the consideration of applications and any other business coming before the board.

(7) Role. The role of the board of electrical examiners shall be to review, issue and revoke as necessary the license of persons performing electrical work within the municipal limits of Marshfield; review the municipal electrical code in order to keep it up to date with changes in technology or the state electrical code; act in an advisory role to the electrical inspector; be an informational conduit to the electrical contractors, the general public, and the council; and recommend electrical permit fees, subject to approval by the council.

(Code 1982, 16.03)

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