What's New for 2017


The City Assessor’s staff will be conducting drive-by, walk-around, and walk-through field reviews of commercial parcels and drive-by reviews of a few residential parcels in December 2017 to verify the status of the current Business Personal Property Accounts for the upcoming mailing of 2018 Statements of Personal Property forms (PA-003). These forms will be mailed in late December 2017 or early January 2018 and are due back to the Assessor’s Office by March 1st, 2018.


There is a substantial change in the 2018 PA-003 forms as the approved 2018-2019 Wisconsin Budget Act exempted Schedule C (Equipment) and Schedule D-1 (Computer Equipment) from being reported by business personal property owners. Additionally, the assessor is no longer required to report on these items in their annual reports to the WI Department of Revenue.


If there are any questions on how to fill out the forms please feel free to call us at 715-384-3856 or stop in at our office anytime, Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 5 pm. We would be happy to help!   


     The Assessor’s Office staff will be busy over the next few months reviewing 2017 building permits and sales with both interior* and exterior on-site property inspections. Many of these reviews are simple exterior walk-arounds of the home or business to verify that work is completed or what percentage of the permit work is completed for the January 1, assessment date. The Assessor’s Office staff will conduct “cold call” inspections for exterior walk-around reviews (including taking field notes and exterior photographs of primary buildings), but will contact property owners ahead of time to arrange an inspection appointment for any needed interior inspections* of residential properties of 1 to 3 units. (Interior inspections also include taking field notes and exterior photographs of primary buildings.)

     Thus, you may have a visit from an Assessor’s Office staff member if you have taken out a permit or recently purchased your home. Staff will start their visit to the property with a contact at the front door. They will have a picture ID and describe the reason for their inspection visit. If an interior inspection is requested, staff will provide a form indicating an owner’s right to refuse such an interior inspection and obtain the owner’s signature either allowing or denying an interior inspection access. If no one is home or the occupants don’t answer the door knock or doorbell ring, staff will leave a note at the front door regarding their visit and complete the exterior review. When requesting an interior review of residential homes, an appointment will be made via a phone call, mailed letter or a door hanger. (Sometimes during the regular course of conducting an exterior review for sale verification assignments, an Assessor’s Office staff member may request an interior inspection while there to verify the interior home data characteristics if the exterior review indicated substantial changes to what currently exists in the property record card.)

     If there are ever any questions please contact the City Assessor’s Office at 715-384-3856 during normal business hours Monday thru Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.

     You have the right to refuse entry into your residence pursuant to section 70.05 (4m) of the Wisconsin Statutes. Entry to view your property is prohibited unless voluntarily authorized by you. Pursuant to section 70.05 (4m) of the Wisconsin statutes, you have the right to refuse a visual inspection of the interior of your residence and your refusal to allow an interior inspection of your residence will not be used as the sole reason for increasing your property tax assessment. Refusing entry to your residence also does not prohibit you from objecting to your assessment pursuant to section 70.47 (7) of the Wisconsin statutes. Please indicate your consent or refusal to allow an interior visual inspection of your residence.


Property Info Lookup Tool:

The City of Marshfield Assessor's Office changed assessment administration software in the late fall of 2016 from GVS to Market Drive PC. Along with that change, the City website's "Property Info" lookup tool has also been updated.
As of Monday, October 16, 2017, when a user clicks on the "Property Info" icon on the City's Homepage, the user will be directed to the AssessorData.org site via a hyperlink to access individual property record information. Users will first select either Wood or Marathon County, then the City of Marshfield to begin their search. Users may search by parcel number or street (situs) address. You will then be directed to a screen that highlights the selected parcel or gives a range of parcel or address options. Clicking on the parcel # or property address of choice, brings you to a screen where you can view basic property information and/or click on a link to print a copy of the public property record card.
The property information available on this site will reflect the data from the last completed assessment roll before the close of the annual Board of Review or finalized assessment roll after the close of the Board of Review. Additionally, the ownership information will be updated on a monthly basis for the 2017 assessment roll parcel based on the latest download of ownership data imported from the counties' Real Property Listers. (Example: October 2017 searches will bring up finalized 2017 assessment roll data with updated ownership information through the end of August or September 2017 depending on actual search date.) Ongoing work roll information for the subsequent year will not be available until completed for that assessment year.

Special Notes:
- The Real Property Lister at the County Register of Deeds Office is considered the primary authority on current property ownership and owner mailing address information.
- The City Engineering Department's GIS Coordinator is considered the primary authority on property (situs) address information.