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2017 Comprehensive Plan

After a two year process, the City of Marshfield is scheduled to adopt the 2017 Comprehensive Plan update on July 11, 2017. Public participation was a key component for updating the Comprehensive Plan and consisted of a random household survey, steering committee, multiple community meetings, and a public hearing. The Comprehensive Plan provides a current report of the community’s vision for the future of Marshfield. This vision identifies values and sets goals, objectives and policies for future development of the City over the next 20-year period.

The Comprehensive Plan allows the City to comply with Wisconsin's Comprehensive Planning Legislation. This Plan addresses the nine required elements and provides a 'proactive' plan for the community to: identify housing needs, identify transportation choices, promote economic development, promote intergovernmental cooperation, guide future land use decisions, identify and protect natural resources, identify capacity and future needs for utilities and community facilities, and identify specific implementation strategies.

2017 Comprehensive Plan
2017 Comprehensive Plan Update Information
2019 Amendment to the 2017 Comprehensive Plan Information

2007 Comprehensive Plan

After a two year process, the City of Marshfield adopted the updated Comprehensive Plan on July 10, 2007.