Planning & Economic Development

Tax Increment District #2

The Creation of TID #2 fostered and promoted the orderly development of the City by enabling the redevelopment of the Purdy School. The Purdy School was a surplus vacant property owned by the Marshfield School District, which at the time of redevelopment was unutilized and was a “blighted area.” The building was used by Mid-State Technical College until 1991, when they constructed a new campus.  The building is located within the Central Business District of Marshfield. The site was redeveloped into an independent living senior housing facility with approximately 82, 60 subsurface parking stalls, and 22 surface parking stalls. The project was constructed in 1993 and 1994.

There were many purposes for this redevelopment. The property was tax exempt, providing no property tax revenue to the City or the School District. The property is on the National Register of Historic Places which gave it the potential for redevelopment as a historical and architectural asset.  The redevelopment complimented the City’s ongoing Main Street program, advanced efforts to revitalize the downtown and provided an additional customer base for downtown businesses. The project provides specialized housing for senior citizens, which at the time of redevelopment was not provided by the public or private sectors. The redevelopment also provided employment both in the short-term (construction) and long-term (operation).