About the Program

The program consists of a meeting with the Juvenile, his or her parents and siblings and the firefighter/JFS Educator who has been trained to educate Juvenile Fire Setters. This meeting generally takes place at the Marshfield Fire and Rescue Department. The child is interviewed by the educator and the parents, at the same time, are in a separate room completing a "questionnaire" regarding their child's or children's behavior. After both interviews are done, we all come together for a family interview. The parents also sign a "Release of Information" form and that allows us as educators to talk with mental health professionals for guidance in helping the children, should it be needed. 

The juvenile receives approximately thirty minutes to one hour of counseling with regards to Fire Safety and the dangers that are involved with fire of setting fires. Typically, we watch a video on fire and discuss what happened in the video after it is done. At the end of the session he or she is then given a homework assignment, that is required to be completed prior to the next meeting. Some of the homework assignments given to children include testing their smoke detectors, creating and practicing fire escape drills in their home, Stop, Drop, & Roll drills, and Activity pages.

Fire setting is a family matter. In the time it takes you to read this sentence, a child could change his or her life and the lives of their family with the strike of one match. Make fire safety a family matter.