Getting Help

 How Do You Get Help?

  • For more information or assistance call a member of the JFS Team or talk with the JFS Coordinator at (715) 486-2094 or e-mail us at
  • We have specially trained personnel to provide the proper course of action need to help children who are curious about fire.
  • A JFS Educator will conduct an evaluation which will determine whether the child is in need of additional important fire safety education or if the child is in need of professional counseling.
  • We can help to prevent needless injury, loss of property, or death because of fire setting activity…we may also prevent a child from being pulled into the justice system because no one cared to do anything to stop his/her fire setting behavior.

 How Can The Community Help?

  • Ask retailers to display lighters out or reach of children.
  • Purchase childproof lighters.
  • Support measures that allocate more resources to children’s programs that emphasize safety education.

 School Officials/Teachers!

  • If you know or have a student that has started a fire or has a fire setting problem, please notify the parents or guardians of the child or call the Marshfield Fire and Rescue Department.
  • The child who sets fires may be your child, the child next door or the child down the block.

Fire Safety Is Everyone’s Responsibility.