Home Safety

3 Ways to Protect Your Family From Fire:

1. Install Smoke Detectors: Smoke is responsible for 3 out of 4 fire deaths. The loud siren at the first sign of smoke will give your family those extra few minutes to escape safely. Test it once a month. Change batteries at least twice a year.

2. Establish an Escape Plan: Have frequent family meetings to establish escape routes from your dwelling. Every room should have 2 means of escape. Escape ladders are recommended for upper floor windows. Have practice drills every 3 months or sooner.

3. Place Fire Extinguishers throughout the home: Fire Extinguishers can help ensure that a fire can be put out before it grows out of control. Listed below are the basic types of fire extinguishers. You might want to take a look at our page dedicated exclusively to the use of a fire extinguisher.