What You Can Do!

 What Can You Do?

·         The most effective intervention for curious children is proper adult supervision and fire safety education.

·         Teach preschool children to TELL an adult if they find matches or lighters.

·         Teach school age children to GIVE matches and lighters to an adult. Praise your child whenever he or she does this.

·         Teach your child how to SAY NO when friends suggest playing with fire.

·         Teach children that fire is a tool, not a toy. Talk about ways adults use different tools (cooking tools, repair and building tools, hobby tools).

·         Explain how adults use matches to light candles, start a campfire or light a barbecue.

·         Teach you school age child the safe use of fire. Provide opportunities for your child to light matches under adult supervision, such as lighting the candles on a birthday cake. 

What Do You Do If Your Child Sets a Fire?

·         Finding your child playing with matches or lighters? As a parent or caregiver of young children, take any fire setting seriously.

·         Immediately report all fires to the Fire Department by calling 9-1-1.

·         If your child sets a fire, use an immediate consequence, such as taking away a privilege or using time-out.

·         Depending on your child’s age talk (don’t lecture or scold) about the dangers of fire.

Have you tried everything you know to stop this behavior, but nothing seems to work? Don’t know what to do… afraid of what might happen if this fire setting activity continues? Curiosity about fire can be a natural, but dangerous thing. If the fire setting activity seems to be a common occurrence with your child…this is not normal, and help is needed to find out why this is happening. Fire setting activities can be deadly….don’t be afraid to ask for help.