2004 Volunteer of the Year

The Marshfield Parks & Recreation Department could not be successful without the many volunteers that help out every year.  Over the past three years, the Parks, Recreation & Forestry Committee has recognized individuals for their volunteer services to the Marshfield Parks & Recreation Department and the community.  Previous winners of the award are John Leick, John Scheuer, and Floyd Hamus.  This year's award was presented to Harlan Rose for his efforts in establishing the Marshfield Skatepark. 

In 1998, after receiving a number of requests for a skatepark, the Parks & Recreation Department began investigating options to build a skatepark.  Not a lot of progress was made until 1999 when Harlan Rose got involved.  Harlan's son was an aspiring skateboarder and Harlan decided to help the Parks & Recreation Department pursue the goal of building a skatepark in Marshfield.  With a project goal of $200,000 and a commitment of $100,000 and space in Braem Park from the City, Harlan took charge to help get the park designed and raise the necessary private donations, in-kind materials and services to get the park built.  After a great deal of time and effort by Harlan and many other supporters of the park, the Marshfield Skatepark opened to the public in August of 2002.  Harlan didn't stop his volunteer efforts when he park opened.  He continued to assist in planning and implementing initial the Skatepark Competition that was held in 2003.  Harlan continues to assist the Parks & Recreation Department in making improvements to the park.

Congratulations to Harlan, and thank you to the many volunteers who volunteer each year for the Marshfield Parks & Recreation Department!