2006 Volunteer of the Year

The 2006 award goes to Dan Umhoefer for his work and efforts to extend community pedestrian/bicycle trails through the Marshfield Area Friends of the Trails, and his leadership and work to develop and maintain both the trails and other features of the Joe and Bernadine Weber's Nature Park.

Dan began his work at the Joe and Bernadine Weber's Nature Park in 1993 by serving on the park's master plan committee and has continued volunteering in some way at the park on nearly a daily basis since that time. Dan has personally been responsible for the brushing and clearing of the trails, plus he regularly coordinates volunteers from his neighborhood to work on the trails and various other projects in the park. He continues to assist the park users, improve the trails and serve as a liaison between the park's many neighborhoods and the Parks and Recreation Department.

When the Marshfield Area Friends of the trail was formed in 2003, Dan Umhoefer became a member and has been a key volunteer for the organization ever since. Whenever the call went out for volunteers to work, Dan answered that call. He shoveled and raked stone for the Airport Connector trail, he trimmed brush and installed topsoil and seed for the Veteran's Parkway Trail extension and he annually heads up the spring trail trash/litter pickup day held by the Marshfield Area Friends of the Trails.