2007 Volunteer of the Year

This year's recipient is Ron Dielmann for his volunteer efforts in the Wildwood Zoological Society. 

Ron has been a member of the Zoological Society's Board for seven years, including serving as president from November 2004 until October 2006.  Ron played a key role in many of the recent improvements that have occurred over the past few years at the Wildwood Zoo.  Specifically, Ron was able to get materials donated from local businesses to help complete the conversion of the old aviary into the Education Pavilion, bison handling building, and the new roof for the Cougar building.  Ron personally secured each sign sponsor for the new raptor exhibits, including the sign for the new eagle exhibit that was constructed in 2007. Ron volunteered his time and skills to work with John Christenson on the construction for the first raptor cages. For the past three years, Ron has secured the bands an coordinated the Blues in the Zoo fundraiser held in August at the zoo.

Ron continues to be an active member of the Zoological Society and the Board of Directors.