2012 Volunteer of the Year

Pam Nikolai served as the president of the Zoological Society from October 2008 through October 2012, and had been an active member since she moved to Marshfield in 2006.

Pam has been a key individual in re-energizing the Zoological Society Board, building a stronger working relationship with the Parks & Recreation Department staff, and leading the Zoological Society in enhancing and improving the quality of its programs and services to the zoo patrons.  She also provided many quality photos of the zoo animals for various print materials and the website.  Pam is currently chairing the Zoological Society's Grizzly Bear exhibit fundraising committee, and has been actively involved in all aspects of the programs and activities of the Zoological Society since she became a member when she moved to Marshfield.

Congratulations to Pam, and thank you to the many individuals who volunteer each year for the Marshfield Parks & Recreation Department.

Pam's award was presented at the November 27, 2012 Common Council Meeting.