Pickle Pond Ice Rink Rules

Please adhere to the following ice rink rules when using Pickle Pond:

  1. The warming house/ice rink supervisor is in charge of the rink.  Obey all instructions promptly.
  2. Report all accidents, infractions of rules, injuries, and damages to the supervisor. 
  3. All skaters must leave the ice when signaled by the rink supervisor.
  4. No cross-skating or other skating permitted that may interfere with general skating.
  5. No speed-skating allowed.
  6. No games permitted that will interfere with other skaters such as broom ball, crack the whip, etc. (without prior approval of the supervisor).
  7. No hockey sticks or pucks allowed on the ice rink.
  8. Keep ice in good condition by placing litter in the containers found in the warming house.
  9. No loitering or use of the rink by persons without skates.
  10. Absolutely no cigarettes, drugs, or alcoholic use permitted in the shelter or on the rink.
  11. The Parks & Recreation Department is not responsible for the safety of the skaters using the rink during closed hours, or for the loss or theft of personal belongings.
  12. No dogs allowed on the ice or in the shelter.