City Trails

GIS City Map of Parks and Trails

  • Airport Connector Trail - A 10' wide asphalt trail connecting 29th Street to the Wildwood Park Trail near the elk pen.  
  • Galvin Avenue Trail - A 10' wide, one-mile asphalt trail located between Becker Road and 4th Street. On-road bike lane from Becker Road to McMillan Street.  
  • Griese Park Trail - Located at Griese Park, 1001 E. 29th Street, the trail is a 3/4-mile long, 8' wide, asphalt surface.  
  • Greenway Trail - Located on the west side of Pecan Parkway between Washington Avenue and 17th Street.  This trail is .5 miles long and has a widened asphalt shoulder  
  • Hamus Nature Preserve Trail - Located at 210 Wilderness View Drive, just north of V&H Ford on the city's north side.  This 32-acre property includes one mile of asphalt trails and over 1.5 miles of natural surface trails.  
  • Hewitt-Marsh Trail - Located from Veterans Parkway at 29th Street to Stadt Road.  The trail is a 10' wide asphalt surface and approximately 1.5 miles long.
  • McMillan Marsh Trail - Located north of Marshfield off Mann road at the McMillan Marsh Wildlife Area, this trail boasts a distance of 6.25 miles, with a surface combination of crushed lime and gravel.  The McMillan Marsh trail is open May 1 until September 1.  
  • Millcreek Business Park Trail - Located on Marshfield's south side.  Preferred access to the trail is at 29th Street & Apple Avenue, but you can also access the business park from Cherry Avenue, Commerce Drive, and Hwy 10.  This trail has a 10' wide asphalt surface and is approximately 2.6 miles long.    
  • Prairie Run Trail - A 10' wide asphalt trail located at the intersection of Adams Avenue and McMillan Street.  
  • UW Arboretum Trail - Located at the west end of 8th Street, this trail is approximately two miles long and has a granite surface. Bicycles are not allowed.  
  • UW Arboretum Connector Trail - Located at the intersection of Lincoln Avenue and 11th Street near Washington Elementary School, this trail connects to the UW Arboretum Trail.  
  • Veterans Parkway Trail - Located along the south side of Veterans Parkway between Oak Avenue and 29th Street.  The trail has a 10' wide asphalt surface and is 3 miles long.    
  • Weber Park Trail - This 37-acre city park accessable at the corner of Holly Avenue and the end of West 5th Street includes an asphalt trail for two blocks (between 5th Street and Adler Road), plus over 1.5 miles of natural surface trails.
  • Wildwood McMillan Trail - 2.5 mile long asphalt trail that is both on raod and off raod.  It can be found between 17th Street and McMillan.
  • Wildwood Park Trails - Over three miles of asphalt and granite trails and park roads at Wildwood Park and Zoo, 1800 S. Roddis Avenue.  
  • Wildwood Station Trail - One mile of 10' wide asphalt trail between Sycamore and Oak Avenues.  It connects to Steve J. Miller Recreation Area & Veterans Parkway Trail.  This trail now also extends south to Wildwood Park and plans call for the trail to extended north to the McMillan Marsh Trail by fall of 2018.
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