About the Police Dept.

With a long line of serving the Marshfield WI community, we have also been able to be apart of the history. To read more about the history please click here.

We have been able to work with some amazing canine as part of the Police Camine Program with all our canine listed below:

      K9 "Steffi" 12/23/15 in service - Active
      K9 "H"  6/6/11 in service - Active
      K9 "Arco"  12/18/09 in service - Retired December 2015
      K9 "Gunnee"  December 2008 - October 2009 (training issues - dog returned to the Kennel)
      K9 "Dora"  May 2001 - 12/3/08 retirement at age 11  (deceased 5/19/11)     

Our first canine was a very important step for us leading to today. Please download this document about the Legacy of K-9 "Dora"

Learn more about Marshfield's own legend Fred Beell!