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                                        DETECTIVE BUREAU

The Detective Bureau conducts criminal investigations above and beyond that of which a patrol officer cannot to include narcotics / illicit drug interdiction, financial crimes, identity theft and fraud, sexual assaults and all other major investigative areas. Our detective bureau consists of 1 Lieutenant, 3 general investigators (1 of which specializes in cyber / computer crimes), 2 drug investigators and 1 sensitive crimes investigator.

Our patrol division will take a call for service and they will investigate that crime until they either run out of resources which help them with their investigation or until they cannot investigate further due to time restraints or call volume. At this point, the investigation is then assigned to one of our investigators depending on the type of crime committed or who may be involved. 

Contact Information

Detective Al Neinast                                                                                  (715) 384-0806

Detective Jason Parks (Computer / Cyber Crimes)                                        (715) 384-0815

Detective Kevin Hamill                                                                               (715) 384-0811

Detective Christine Zupanc (Sensitive Crimes)                                         (715) 384-0816

Detective Bureau Records Specialist                                                            (715) 384-0802 

Detective Derek Iverson (Drugs)                                                                 (715) 384-0817

Detective Jason Foemmel (Drugs)                                                               (715) 384-2805