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The K-9 Program consists of 2 Patrol Officers and 2 canines. Each officer and canine attends and completes ongoing training to ensure compliance, certification and excellence within their respective role while serving the community. Our canines truly become a part of our blue family and we try to utilize them as much as possible. We have been able to work with some amazing canine as part of the Police Canine Program with our entire canine listed below:

Active K-9 Team

Rika - Copy

K-9 "Rika"
Tour of Duty: 10/24/18 - Present
Partner: Officer Sam Fox

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K-9 "Steffi"
Tour of Duty: 12/23/2015 - present
Partner: Officer Chris Hasz

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Retired Marshfield Police K-9

K9 "H"
Tour of Duty: 06/06/11 - 10/28/18

K9 "Arco"

Tour of Duty: 12/18/09 - 12/2015

K9 "Gunnee"
Tour of Duty: 12/2008 - 10/2009
(Training issues - dog returned to the kennel)

K9 "Dora"
Tour of Duty: May 2001 - 12/3/08  
(deceased 5/19/11)

All work and no play makes for a very boring day.....

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K-9 5      K-9 6

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