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Public Alert Sex Offender Release Bulletin

Jacob A Stanley  5/11/1995 is being released today (6/6/2017) from prison and will be reintroduced in to the community.  He will be residing at 204 W 14th St and will be under electronic monitoring.  His offense include 2nd degree sexual assault to a child and causing a child to view sexual activity.  He was convicted in April of 2014 and a 4th degree sexual assault with a July of 2013 conviction date.  Stanley is prohibited from unsupervised contact with minors and is prohibited from being in taverns, bars or consuming alcohol.



May through October parking is allowed:
Odd Months:  May, July & September   odd side of the ditched street  
Even Months:  June, August & October  even side of the ditched street
Unattached accessoreis such as trailers and boats are not allowed to be parked on any city street overnight.  When attached to a motor vehicle they will be limited to a 48 hour time period.


New Law Banning Use of Cell Phones While Driving in Construction Zones

A new law took effect Saturday, October 1st that bans Wisconsin drivers from talking on their cell phones in construction zones.  

Drivers will still be able to talk on the phone if they use hands-free devices. But, if you're caught holding a phone to your ear, you'll get a ticket and face fines of up to $178.

The Wisconsin DOT said there have been nearly 10,000 crashes in construction zones from 2011 - 2015.

"Most of the injuries and deaths occurring in construction zones are actually motorists, people driving through those areas, so that's equally as important as protecting the workers out there," Capt. Steve Krueger of the Wisconsin State Patrol said.

Texting while driving is already banned in Wisconsin.

The new construction zone law goes into effect Saturday. 


School Bus Warning Lights - New State Regulation

As of August 16, 2016, Wisconsin Department of Transportation passed a new regulation that school buses in Wisconsin must have amber lights to alert that the bus is about to activate its flashing red warning lights while coming to a stop.  
To view the video, click on this link  

Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry

To register for  email notifications regarding registrants moving to your area:  Wisconsin  Sex Offender Registry site:  WWW.WIDOCOFFENDERS.ORG

Crash Report access: go to: www.CrashLogic.com (WI DOT site) or you may stop at our department M-F 0730-430pm (our crash report copy will cost you $2.00 at the PD).

Police Auction Change

The Marshfield Police Department effective immediately, will no longer have just a single annual police auction.  See Police Auction Online for all the details.   


Prescription Drug Drop off

  • The PD is a 24/7 drop off point for prescription drugs.  For more information click here or click here for a bookmark reminder.  As of August 2016 we now are able to accept sharps: they can be placed in the secured wooden box in the inner lobby of the Police Department to the left of the current prescription drop off location. 

sharps drop off  2016