Ordinance - Police Code

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The Ordinance Control Division consists of 2 Ordinance Officers who provide the citizens of Marshfield with an efficient, effective, and humane manner of monitoring and controlling animals.  Additionally, ordinance personnel provide an equitable system for the enforcement of vehicle parking and other miscellaneous municipal code violations. Ordinance Officer Leonard (pictured above) retired from our department in June of 2018.  We welcomed Ordinance Officer Kayla Wolf to our department in 2018.  Some of the more common tasks and duties are listed below:

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- Identify and respond to animal control issues and parking issues within the city limits.

- Continually update policy and procedures regarding Ordiance Control as needed.

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- Cooperate with and assist city departments such as building services, weed commissioner and public works in handling day-to-day operations.

- Ordinance personnel monitor and investigate matters of health, licensing and humane concerns of the animal population.They will inspect premises at request of homeowners for housing more than two animals of the same species.

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- Monitor and enforce all municipal ordinances relating to garbage complaints, abandoned vehicles and the removal and depositing of snow.

- Monitor and enforce all municipal parking regulations.

- Provide citizen assistance through the inspection of archery ranges and approval of permits.

For questions regarding city code please contact Wood Co Dispatch and request to speak with an Ordinance Officer or you can refer to the links below which detail some of the more common ordinance related issues.