Service / Awards

Fred Beell Service Award

The "Fred Beell Service Award" is presented annually to retired members of the department who have honorably served the City of Marshfield for more than 25 years

2017 = Sgt. Nick Poeschel (27 yrs, 11 mths)

2016 = Patrol Officer Jason Prickett (25 yrs, 6 mths)
            Detective James Cramm (26 yrs, 8 mths)
            Patrol Officer Jeff Cichantek (25 yrs, 9 mths)

2015 = Lead Officer Steven Leu (29 yrs, 3 mths)
            Chief Gary Jepsen (32 yrs)

Employee recognition for years of service to the Marshfield Police Department and its citizens click here.

Fred Beell Honors Award

The "Fred Beell Honors Award" is awarded to officers for acts of bravery of the highest level which may subject the member to a high risk of serious injury. To be eligible for this award, the member must have exhibited sound judgment throughout the incident and demonstrated the true meaning of service to others over self.

2011 = Lead Officer Steven Leu (retired 2014)
            Lead Officer Michael Topness
            K9 Officer Terry Endries 

Valor Award

The "Valor Award" is issued to officers who excercised boldness and
determination while facing great danger

2018 = Patrol Officer Alex Mitchell
2017 = Patrol Officer Josh Larsen 
               Patrol Officer Tanner Gruber

Employee of the Year Award
The "Employee of the Year Award" is awarded for outstanding achievment by an employee that brings credit to the department, which involves performance above and beyond that which is required by an employee's basic assignment.

2018 = Patrol Officer Aaron Wargowsky

2017 = Det Derek Iverson 

2016 = Lt. Travis Sherden 

2015 = Lt. John Scheuer (Crossing Guard and Retired Officer)

2014 = Ordinance Officer Daniel Leonard (Retired 2018)

2006 = Sgt. Gerald Peterson (Retired 2007)

Honorable Mention

This section is dedicated to members of our department and community that have been formally recognized by our department or another outside agency which does not fit the recognition categories above.

Wisconsin Professional Police Association "Meritorious Award" Recipients
2017 = Patrol Officer Josh Larsen
2017 = Patrol Officer Tanner Grubber

Marshfield Police Department "Certificate of Appreciation / Recognition" Recipients
2017 = Hannah Stratman
2017 = Jared Fleischman

2011 = Adam Gould
2011 = Adeel Aslau