Service / Awards

Fred Beell Honors Award
     The Fred Beell Honors Award is to be awarded for acts of bravery of the highest level which may subject the member to a high risk of serious injury.  To be eligible for this award, the member must have exhibited sound judgment throughout the incident and demonstrated the true meaning of service to others over self.

                2011 award recipients:   Lead Officer Steven Leu (retired 2014)
                                                    Patrol Officer Michael Topness
                                                    K9 Officer Terry Endries 

Valor Award
     Valor Awards are to be issued to officers who excercise boldness and determination while facing great danger.

Employee of the Year Award  (replaces the VFW Officer of the Year Award)
     The Employee of the Year Award is to be awarded for outstanding achievment by an employee that brings credit to the department, and which involves performance above and beyond that which is required by an employee's basic assignment.

2016 Employee of Year -= Lead Officer Travis Sherden
2015 Employee of the Year = John Scheuer
(30+ years as Law Enforcement Officer and 17 years as Adult Crossing Guard)
2014 Employee of the Year = Ordinance Officer Daniel Leonard
Previous VFW Officer of the Year Award winners (discontinued 2009):

Employee recognition for years of service to the Marshfield Police Department and its citizens click here.