Special Oympics VS Marshfield Police Annual Basketball Event

Since 2013, the Marshfield Police have been challenged every year to a game of basketball by the Marshfield Area Special Olympics basketball team. This ongoing tradition has evolved into a competition like no other.


 The event takes place in the Marshfield Senior High Field House where refreshments are served, good memories are made and competition runs fierce! There is even a half time show for all to enjoy…..


The Marshfield Professional Police Association (MPPA) also steps up and donates financially to the Special Olympics team for each basket they score during the game. A check is then presented at the end of the game to the team (picture above).


The relationship that the Marshfield Police Department has built with the Special Olympics athletes is amazing and continues to grow each year. These individuals give 100% each game and they are truly an inspiration to watch……the score at the end of the game speaks for itself!