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Special Response Team (SRT)

Command/Tactical Team/Crisis Negotiators/Marksmen

The Marshfield Police Special Response Team (SRT) exists on a call-out basis to handle situations which can be defined as being above and beyond the capabilities of the on-duty patrol shift. There are numerous situations that require specialized training and equipment such as hostage rescue, barricaded subjects and high risk warrant service.

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Marshfield SRT members train monthly on a variety of topics to include high risk warrant service, hostage rescue, hostage negotiations, barricaded and suicidal subject negotiations, and various other rescue operations. Entry Team members and Snipers are required to pass a physical agility test in order to stay active on the team.

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The Marshfield SRT also trains in conjunction with other local Special Response Teams to include Wisconsin Rapids and Stevens Point Police Deparments along with the Portage County, Marathon County, Wood County and Clark County Sheriff's Departments.

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