Educational Opportunities


Sometimes the feasibility of a tour for school is limited.  Therefore, the Marshfield Wastewater Treatment Facility Staff are always ready and willing to share their knowledge and experience within the classroom setting.  Power Point presentations including slides of living wastewater microorganisms are shown.  To arrange for advance scheduling for these presentations, call the Marshfield Wastewater Utility at (715) 486-2007. 


To promote advancement of personnel into the wastewater treatment profession, the Marshfield Wastewater Treatment Facility participates in a Lab Science Technician Program in cooperation with Mid-State Technical College.  This program allows student job shadowing at the wastewater treatment plant and offers a 216 hour on-the-job internship in our laboratory.  Skills learned here can successfully prepare a student to qualify for full-time lab employment after graduation.  Internships have also been offered to UW Stevens Point College of Natural Resource students. 

Tours are conducted for chemistry and biology students from the UW-Marshfield/Wood County campus, and electrical and other classes from Mid-State Technical College campuses.  Marshfield Wastewater Treatment Facility Staff also provide presentations to students at Marshfield Senior High School.