For over 120 years, the City of Marshfield has taken an active role in maintaining the quality of the local environment. Since 1880, the City has provided wastewater collection and treatment. Over the years, the City has continued to improve its collection and treatment system to meet evolving state and federal regulations and a growing population. Below is a timeline of improvements to the Marshfield wastewater system. 

 Imhoff tank construction 1923.


      Current plant constructed 2000. 


1880   Original collection and treatment of facility.
1923   Two Imhoff tanks installed, one on South Roddis Avenue and one at Braem Park.
1934   Braem Park site abandoned and another Imhoff tank, primary clarifier and trickling filter added to South Maple Avenue.
1947   Maple Avenue site abandoned and new treatment plant constructed on South Vine Avenue.
1976   Plant expanded to comply with federal regulations.
1979   Sewer collection system rehabilitation completed.
1986   Plant upgraded to include tertiary level of treatment.
2000   South Vine Avenue plant was abandoned and a new facility on the south side, east of Veterans Parkway was built to meet current community needs and revised state regulations.