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Sustainable Marshfield Committee


The mission of the Department of Planning and Economic Development is the progressive development of the commercial, industrial, and residential areas of the city, thereby ensuring the planned, orderly development of the city.

The department formulates, supervises, and administers the community planning program, guided by the City of Marshfield’s Comprehensive Plan. The community planning program includes short and long-range planning, land use regulations, annexations, and transportation system plans.

The Comprehensive Plan forms a framework for the city’s zoning and subdivision ordinances. The Comprehensive Plan and the zoning and subdivision ordinances are approved by the Common Council, though they are first reviewed and acted upon by an advisory Plan Commission. The implementation of the ordinances rests with the planning department.

In addition to administering the planning program, the department works closely with the local business community, local utilities, governmental agencies, and other groups in connection with economic development activities.

Division of Planning Responsibilities

POLICY: Common Council approves plans and ordinances

ADVICE: City Plan Commission holds hearings and makes recommendations to the Common Council with regard to plans and policies

IMPLEMENTATION: Planning Department

APPEALS: Board of Appeals



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