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George D. and Jennie Booth House
512 Hardacre Avenue

 George D. and Jennie Booth House

This house is much different in size but not in quality and is an example of the more modest Colonial Revival style house that was built in 1927 for George and Jennie Booth. George Booth was the president of the Booth- Campbell Retail Lumber Company at the time the house was built. This house is a fine example of the so-called “Cape Cod” variant of the Colonial Revival style and has a rectilinear plan, a symmetrically designed three-bay-wide main façade, a centered main entrance sheltered by a gable roof that features returned eaves and three gable-roofed dormers. It is only one-and-one-half stories in height and is sided by wooden shingles.  This house is owned by Marilyn Hardacre, the first woman to be elected to the city Council in 1975 since a woman held the position in 1928-1930 after women had the right to vote, the first woman to be elected Mayor of the City (which she held for four terms), and the first woman President of League of Wisconsin Municipalities.

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