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Sears "Houses by Mail" House
611 West Blodgett

 Sears "Houses by Mail" House

This house is the “Elmwood/Sunbeam” from the Sears Roebuck and Company Modern Homes catalog. It is a bungalow designed in the Craftsman style. The façade has a center entry door with triple ganged windows to each side and the roof is a steeply pitched, side gable roof with a fairly deep overhang and simple, decorative knee braces at the gable ends. A full width front porch is covered by a continuation of the main roof, which is supported at the front by large, tapered square columns, extending to ground level. A “sleeping porch” located over the front porch on the second floor is centered on the façade and has a shed dormer roof supported by square tapered columns and its roof has triangular knee braces, echoing the style of both the front porch and main roof.  The catalog example included a fireplace which was not included in this structure. Aside from this exception, the floor plan and interior are as described in the catalog. Windows, doors, interior trim and detailing are all original to the structure.

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