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Central Avenue Historic District





Summary of Significance

The Marshfield Central Avenue Historic District comprises the historic commercial center of the City of Marshfield . The buildings the district contains are locally significant under National Register Criteria A and C. With respect to Criterion A the district contains buildings that have been historically important to the themes of Commerce, Social History and Transportation, all themes that have also been identified in the State of Wisconsin ’s Cultural Resource Management Plan. With respect to Criterion C, the district contains fine intact examples of commercial buildings and public buildings designed in the Italianate, Classical Revival, Art Deco, and Early Twentieth Century Commercial styles and in the Commercial Vernacular Form. All the district’s contributing buildings were built between 1887 and 1943, and they represent a large proportion of the surviving buildings associated with the commercial and retail history of Marshfield.

Boundary Description

The Marshfield Central Historic District includes the dense concentration of commercial buildings built between 1887 and 1941 the line Central Avenue . On the west side of Central Avenue , the district includes the 100 block of South Central Avenue . On the east side of Central Avenue, the district includes the 100 block, the 200 block, and three buildings on the north edge of the 300 block of South Central Avenue; as well as the “00” block, and four buildings on the south half of the 100 block of North Central Avenue. While most of the properties in the district face Central Avenue , the boundaries of the area also include the contiguous old City Hall, located on the southwest corner of East Second Street and South Maple Avenue .

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