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West Fifth Street - West Sixth Street Historic District

Summary of Significance

This district is an architecturally significant residential district located in the City of Marshfield . It was first identified by the Marshfield Intensive Architectural Survey that was undertaken in 2004-2005 as a potential historic district having local significance under National Register (NR) criterion C. Research was undertaken to assess the potential for nominating the district to the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) utilizing the NR significance area of Architecture, a theme which is also identified in the State of Wisconsin’s Cultural Resource Management Plan (CRMP). This research centered on evaluating the resources within the district utilizing the Queen Ann, Neo-Classical Revival, American Foursquare, American Craftsman, Bungalow, and Period Revival styles subsections of the Architectural Styles study unit of the CRMP. The results of this research show that the W. Fifth Street- W. Sixth Street Historic District is locally significant under NR Criterion C as an architecturally and historically important collection of residential buildings that together constitute a well-defined and visually distinct geographic and historic entity. This district is comprised of 52 contributing resources and 6 non-contributing ones. The contributing resources include very fine representative examples of several of the most popular styles applied to residential architecture in Marshfield during a period of significance. Individually, the district’s resources are fine examples of architectural styles that were important in Marshfield during the period of significance and several are among the finest examples found by the Marshfield Intensive Survey. Collectively, these buildings are also notable architecturally because they typify the stylistic and historic evolution of the district during the period of significance (ca. 1890- 1958) and also of the larger residential area that surrounds it.

Boundary Description

The district is roughly bounded by W. Sixth Street to the south, S. Adams Ave. to the west, W. Fifth Street to the north, and S. Oak Ave. to the east, and its boundaries enclose 2 whole blocks and portions of seven others. The district is located five blocks to the west of the Marshfield Central Avenue business district.

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