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Roddis House
1108 East 4th Street


Dutch Colonial revival style was non existent in the City of Marshfield until 1914 when Hamilton Roddis constructed this unique house that still remains the finest example of the Dutch style.  Hamilton Roddis was a great pioneer for the City of Marshfield, providing employment for residents for over 65 years.  Furthermore, the Roddis family and Roddis Lumber and Veneer Company helped contribute to the City of Marshfield’s growth and success.  In 1920, upon his father’s death, Hamilton became president of the company that was created in 1897. During the great depression the Roddis Lumber and Veneer Company continued to employ workers and throughout World War I and World War II they played a pivotal role in the allied efforts.  During his lifetime, Roddis donated over fifty million dollars to fund Marshfield schools and churches. To this day the house still remains within the Roddis family as daughter Augusta Roddis still resides in the residence.  The Dutch Colonial Revival Style rejuvenates from the front façade that accents an entry portico supporting classical Tuscan columns.  Additionally, the gambrel roof defines and largely distinguishes the Dutch Colonial Revival Style. Many of the windows are displayed as pairs or triplets with cornices and surrounded with classical moldings. The three story house towers over others in the neighborhood and upon entry, the high coffered ceilings on the first floor provide reasoning. 

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