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    Soo Line Steam Locomotive 2442

Wildwood Park

Locomotives erupted onto the American landscape in the late 18th and early 19th century.  The Wisconsin Central Railroad built the majority of track in Wisconsin that connected the surrounding states and Canada.  In 1911 the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault St. Marie (Soo Line) purchased a new American Locomotive Company Steam Locomotive to be operated by the Wisconsin Central Railroad.  The Steam Locomotive 2442 was one of 15 class F-22 heavy freight locomotives built in New York that generated 43,000 pounds of haul power.  Fully loaded with coal and water the Locomotive weighed approximately 349,600 pounds.  While attached to the tender (coal-car), the whole Locomotive measures approximately 67 feet.  The 2442 Steam Locomotive‚Äôs final run occurred out of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, in 1953 and sat until 1956 when it was selected to be relocated to its current site in the City of Marshfield.  The locomotive does not include its original tender, but that of the identical Locomotive, 2441. Soo line workers donated there time and effort to lay the track where the 2442 Steam Locomotive sits today.  The Soo Line Steam Locomotive 2442 is the only remaining example of the Class F-22 operated by Wisconsin Central and Soo Line Railroad Companies.  Restoration occurred on the Locomotive in 1996 by the Marshfield Historic Preservation Association that included painting and buffing.  The locomotive now sits underneath a roofed enclosure surrounded by a tall chain link fence at Wildwood Park.

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