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Weinbrenner Shoe Factory

305 West 3rd Street

In 1935 the Weinbrenner Shoe Factory not only brought the Weinbrenner Company to Marshfield, but many jobs as well.  The City of Marshfield entrusted architect Gus A. Krasin to design the factory in hopes of convincing the Albert H. Weinbrenner Shoe Company to set up a new manufacturing facility in the city.  Weinbrenner Shoe Company was established in 1892 out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and looking to expand.  The City of Marshfield sponsored this relief project during the depression era to provide jobs for the unemployed during the construction phase, as well as, manufacturing jobs once constructed.  Upon its completion a celebration was held throughout the City of Marshfield to honor the city’s efforts.  More than 200 people were employed by the end of 1935 and to this day the City of Marshfield continues to lease the building to Weinbrenner Shoe Company that employs hundreds of people.  This three story astylistic utilitarian building that displays a slight Art Deco style is primarily made of brick.  Pilaster strips were used to define the bays of the buildings facades which were capped with Art Deco styled stone.  The roof is hidden from view by low parapet walls that edge the various elements of the factory.  Multi-light steel sash windows line much of the exterior of the building with concrete sills and red painted frames.  Additions to the factory were built in 1950 and 1956 and the building has recently been re-roofed.

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