2010 Volunteer of the Year

This year's award was presented to Joyce Fischer, Sally Sadowska, Kathy Poehnelt, and Margi Weister of the Wood County Master Gardeners for their volunteer efforts.

Joyce, Sally, Kathy & Margi have been volunteering for the Parks & Recreation Department over the past number of years to maintain and improve the various gardens and landscape beds at the Marshfield Fairgrounds Park, Strohman Park, and the Wildwood Park Zoo.  Joyce focuses her efforts on the Education Garden at the Marshfield Fairgrounds and works with the Marshfield Firefighters Association in beautifying and maintaining the plantings in Strohman Park.  Sally, Kathy, and Margi take care of the many landscape beds and the Native Gardens exhibit at the Wildwood Park Zoo.  They are quick to point out that they are assisted by a large number of other volunteers and appreciate the support of the Wood County Master Gardeners program.  Without their dedication and expertise, our beautiful parks wouldn't be what they are today.

Congratulations to Joyce, Sally, Kathy & Margi of the Wood County Master Gardeners, and thank you to the many individuals who volunteer each year for the Marshfield Parks & Recreation Department.