Cable TV (nonbroadcast telecommunications facilities) Committee

Duties.The Committee shall act in an advisory capacity to and shall be under the direct supervision of the Council.

Membership.The Cable TV Committee shall consist of seven voting members appointed by the Mayor, subject to confirmation by the Council. Of the seven members, one member shall be an alderperson appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the Council to a one-year term at the organizational meeting in April of each year. The remaining members shall be citizens at large and shall serve staggered terms of three years, commencing on May 1 of each year. One person each designated by the Marshfield public school system, Marshfield private school systems, the University of Wisconsin Marshfield/Wood County, and Mid-State Technical College shall serve as nonvoting members of this Committee, in an advisory capacity. The City Clerk's office or designee will serve as the secretary to the Committee.

Responsibilities. The Committee shall formulate a budget for its operations, shall serve as the advocate for consumers of video broadcast services and shall process consumer and citizen complaints and other correspondence related to video broadcast service and as to any Video Service Provider or Cable Operator, which information, at the discretion of the Committee, can be submitted to any state or federal agency delegated oversight or licensing responsibilities for Video Service Provider or Cable Operator, and shall recommend action in connection therewith to the Council, and shall recommend such other duties and shall have such other responsibilities as may be imposed upon it, from time to time, by the Council. The Committee shall hold any hearings deemed necessary in connection with such policies, and shall determine the method of and procedures for holding such hearings. To the extent that anything contained in this subsection conflicts with subsection (b) of this subsection, subsection (b) is hereby deemed amended.

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