GeoReporting Official Launch

The City of Marshfield is excited to announce the launch of their GeoReporting System on Tuesday, March 14th.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Location, Location, Location”?  If you are in real estate that phrase pops up all the time.  If you have bought a house, a realtor might have used a variation of that phrase to help you understand why a house on the northeast side is $15,000 more expensive than one on the southwest side, for example.  Geography plays a huge role in our daily lives.  Whether it is how we navigate the streets, get to work, where a store chooses to open up a location, or even how we get the local weather; it all ties back to location.  It is no different for the City of Marshfield’s staff when they are responding to a notification of a concern. 

When someone calls or reports a non-emergency concern, for example a missing sign or a street light that is out, there is a location tied to that event.  It could be near address X, somewhere mid-block of a street, or on the northwest side of an intersection.  That notification triggers a response for city personnel to respond and address that reported item.  That is where the GeoReporting System comes becomes helpful.

GeoReporting System is short for Geographic Reporting System. It was specifically designed to help citizen and city personnel connect to address concerns that are location-based.  It allows staff and citizens alike to report a wide variety of concerns without having to know which city department is responsible for handling that particular item or to personally call, e-mail, or stop into inform someone at the City of Marshfield.

One example:  Let's say that on one of your favorite walking routes there is a tree branch in your way and the tree is on private property.  You would like to see this problem solved.  You notice the Street Division trimming and cutting trees, so you make contact assuming they are the correct department to solve your issue.  However, the Street Division in turn will forward your request to the Engineering Division to begin the process.  If not addressed by the property owner the Street Division may then brought in to bring resolution this issue.  To simplify the process by use of GeoReporting system your request gets through the proper channels sooner and more accurately.  

Through the use of your Internet-connected device, such as: a smart phone/device with a data plan, a tablet at home with a Wi-Fi connection, or your home computer, you can report a concern.  A potential scenario might be you are walking the dog in the evening after business hours.  As you are walking your dog you notice that a tree in the park has a split and a branch is blocking the path.  If you have a smart phone with a data connection, you can visit and you can report that split tree with the exact location.  The system will then notify the Parks Department, and a crew will come and take care of the issue.

Now let’s say you are driving to work, and you keep hitting the same pothole every day on your way to work.  From a safe environment, such as your office at work, you bring up the entry system: and zoom to that location and place the request with the location of the pothole. The system will in turn notify the department responsible for addressing your reported pothole, and if possible they will take the necessary steps to repair it.

In short, the GeoReporting System is another way of helping citizens and the City of Marshfield connect to help address location-based concerns.  Below are some things to take note of.


  • It is not for emergency use! If there is loss of life or property call 911!

  • Not everything can be taken care of in a matter of hours or a day.  Some items take months to resolve.  Please be patient.
  • Before you log a new concern, look at the map and see if it has already been reported.
    It will save you time
  • You can be assured the City has been made aware of the issue and is dealing with it.
  • You can report something 24/7 365 via this system proved you have an internet connection, such as a smart device with a data plan or a computer.
  • There are four (4) items that the reporting system requires:
    • General concern (think location and/or action)
    • A Specific concern (like missing street sign or overgrown vegetation)
    • An email address (to notify you of progress made on your reported concern)
    • A location (could be the device’s GPS or a simple tap on the screen/or mouse click)
  • Including a short description is always helpful.
  • Taking a picture and including that in the submission helps ensure city staff are addressing the right spot.
  • This system does not replace other traditional methods of contacting the City such as calling, stopping by in person, talking to your alderperson, or emailing.  It is merely another avenue to inform the City of Marshfield about a location-based concern.

To get help or more information please visit:

If that still does not answer your question, contact the GIS Coordinator at:

Phone: 715-486-2076