Kodiak Bear Update on Munsey

The City of Marshfield Parks & Recreation Department would like to provide an update on our Kodiak bears.  Munsey, one of the zoo’s favorite inhabitants, has not been as active and engaged recently.  On August 17th, he was first observed as being lethargic and refusing to eat his morning diet.  The zookeepers decided to keep him inside for the day and closely monitor his behavior.  The observation continued throughout the weekend with hopes that he would feel better with time.  During this period, Munsey was offered his favorite fruit and a sports drink mixture in order to entice him into drinking and eating.  By Monday, he was in good spirits and snacking on what was offered but he was still not quite himself.  At this point, the Athens veterinary team examined him thoroughly with all of their available resources and could not pinpoint a specific cause for his changed behavior.  The following two days, Munsey was closely observed by the zookeepers and although progress was noted and positive changes were seen, staff was still concerned.  On Thursday, Munsey was transported to the best veterinary hospital in the state, the UW Veterinary Clinic in Madison, WI.  There, he was again examined completely by a team of talented veterinarians.  He returned home Thursday evening and continues to recover from his procedure. Munsey will be off exhibit as he recuperates in the comfort and privacy of his own den.  His appetite is returning and grapes are his favorite treat during the many small meals offered to him. Once it is determined he is able to return outside, he will be separated from his brother Boda for period of time, as not to overexert himself in their rough play.  Munsey, as well as the staff, appreciates your patience and understanding as he is allowed to improve at his own pace.      

The Marshfield Parks and Recreation Department would like to thank its patrons for their past and future support of Wildwood Zoo.