City of Marshfield Snow Shoveling Requirements

Per Section 13-35 of the City of Marshfield Municipal Code, all property owners in the City of Marshfield are required to have all snow and ice removed from their sidewalks and curb ramps no later than 48 hours after snow or freezing rain has stopped falling.

Sidewalks must be shoveled “full length and full width,” meaning clearing more than just a shovel path. Residents are also required to keep all drifting snow removed and all ice sprinkled with sand or salt at all time.

All property owners are required to keep their curb ramps cleared along with their sidewalk areas. This mostly applies to corner residents, meaning they are responsible for the crosswalk portion of their sidewalk.

Failure to comply with these requirements will cause the City to clear any sidewalk or curb ramp that is not cleared WITHOUT prior notice, and bill the responsible land owner. The forfeiture for noncompliance is $115.00 per incident for a sidewalk 200 feet or less in length and $130.00 per incident for any sidewalk 200 feet for more in length, and $65 per curb ramp. Downtown sidewalks are charged twice the above amount.