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Development Review


The development review process is handled by the Development Review Team (DRT). The goal of the DRT is to assist you and to help make the process as economical and efficient as possible for all concerned. This information outlines the City’s essential requirements and procedures. The Planning and Economic Development Department is the primary contact throughout the review and approval process.

The following information needs to be prepared by the developer for a complete application. It serves as the basis for discussions between the developer, the Planning Department, and other City representatives. It is intended to provide the developer with an advisory review of the project without incurring major costs. Detailed requirements are in the Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances. These Ordinances are available on the City Web Site at, or for purchase at the Building Services Division offices (6th Floor of City Hall Plaza, 630 S. Central Ave.).

The approval process includes a new partnership amongst your City departments: Planning and Economic Development, Building Services, Public Works, Fire, and Electric and Water. The process involves a single coordinated process with multiple step approval. (Please note that additional plans and approvals may be required by individual departments.) The steps are:

  1. Development Review Team
  2. Application to the Plan Commission (if applicable) approval (if applicable)
  3. Common Council (DRT) meeting(s)

Certain projects involving public utilities and streets may need separate approvals from the Board of Public Works, the Marshfield Utilities Commission, and/or relevant State agencies.

There are two major categories of development, per §17.18(2), that automatically require "design review," which includes a hearing at the Plan Commission and final approval by the Common Council:

  1. Site and structural development of residential projects having 24 or more dwelling units on a single lot; or
  2. Site and structural development involving structures over 50,000 square feet in size.

    Other projects may need review by the Development Review Team or may need special approvals, dependent upon existing and/or potential circumstances. Always contact the Planning Department to determine the reviews and approvals necessary for your proposal.


    1. Development Review Team
    Pre-application meeting regarding proposal
    Identify Issues & Application Procedures
    (City Staff)

    2. Development Review Team (2nd Meeting)
    Review & Address All Issues in the Application
    (City Staff & Applicant)

    3. Project Submission Addressing Identified Issues & Standards, and preparation of Applicable Permit, Variance and Other Applications.

    4. Public Hearing is Published in Newspaper & Mailed to Neighbors.

    5. City Staff Individually Review Application and Written Recommendation Forwarded to Plan Commission

    6. Zoning Board of Appeals or Plan Commission Holds a Public Hearing & Considers Application Request. (Public Hearing On Application Request May be Continued & Additional Information Requested)

    7. a. Zoning Board of Appeals Approves or Denies Application Requests for Variances & Appeals. Approved Planning Actions are filed with the City Clerk and Building Services.

    7. b. Plan Commission makes recommendations to the Common Council on Zoning Amendments, conditional use permits, special exceptions, design review and preliminary & final plats.

    8. Common Council approves or denies application request. Approved planning actions are filed with the City Clerk and Building Services.



    Primary Contact
    Jason Angell, Director of Planning and Economic Development
    630 South Central Avenue, P.O. Box 727
    Marshfield, WI 54449
    (715) 486-2074
    (715) 384-7631 fax

    Josh Miller, Planner/Zoning Administrator
    630 South Central Avenue, P.O. Box 727
    Marshfield, WI 54449
    (715) 486-2075
    (715) 384-7631 fax

    Building Services
    Dick Pokorny, Building Services Supervisor
    630 South Central Avenue, P.O. Box 727
    Marshfield, WI 54449
    (715) 387-1344
    (715) 384-7631 fax

    Marshfield Utilities
    Bob Trussoni, Technical Services Manager (Electric)
    Dave Wasserburger, Water Superintendent
    2000 South Roddis Avenue, P.O. Box 670
    Marshfield, WI 54449
    (715) 387-1195
    (715) 389-2016 fax

    Fire & Rescue
    Ed Erickson, Deputy Fire Chief
    412 East 4th Street
    Marshfield, WI 54449
    (715) 384-3118
    (715) 384-8868 fax

    Public Works & Engineering
    Dan Knoeck, Director
    Tom Turchi, City Engineer
    630 South Central Avenue, P.O. Box 727
    Marshfield, WI 54449
    (715) 387-8424
    (715) 384-7641 fax

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