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Planning & Economic Development

Tax Increment District #7

Tax Increment District #7 (Yellowstone Industrial Park) was created to promote industrial development in Marshfield. The City needs to develop an industrial area that can accommodate businesses that require outdoor storage, generate heavy truck traffic, and potentially need rail access. TID #7 is adjacent to existing industrial areas and the wastewater treatment plant. The City will replace/improve/install public infrastructure in certain areas outside the TID to improve the physical functioning of the area. Planned development activities include the construction of streets, street upgrading, utilities, bike/walking paths, stormwater detention, and a rail spur.

TID #7 was created to promote industrial development as authorized in Wisconsin Statutes 66.1105 in order to improve a portion of the City, enhance the value of said property, broaden the property tax base, and relieve the tax burden of residents and home owners.

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