Board of  Marshfield Fairgrounds Commission

Pursuant to City of Marshfield Resolution No. 83-41, and agreement pursuant  to that resolution, the board of Marshfield Fairgrounds Commission shall have  full, complete and exclusive jurisdiction of the city-owned fairgrounds,  including improvements and maintenance of the facilities and buildings, and the  use thereof.

Three alderpersons of the city shall be appointed to the board of fairgrounds  commissioners annually at the first regular meeting of the council, to act as  commissioners for a one-year term.

All business of the board of Marshfield Fairgrounds Commission shall be  conducted pursuant to Resolution No. 83-41, as amended by Resolution No. 93-57,  which resolutions are incorporated in this section by reference, subject to  agreements pursuant to such resolutions and further joint resolutions of the  council and the Wood County Board of Supervisors.

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