Historic Preservation Committee

A Historic Preservation Committee is hereby created, consisting of 7 members. Of the membership, one shall be a registered architect or an individual with building design background; one shall be a historian or an individual with historical background; one shall be a member of the Plan Commission; 3 shall be citizen members, and one shall be an alderperson. Each member shall have, to the highest extent practicable, a demonstrated interest or background in historic preservation. The City Director of Planning and Economic Development shall serve as ex officio member. The mayor shall appoint the Committee subject to confirmation by the Council. Of the initial members so appointed, 2 shall serve a term of one year, 2 shall serve a term of 2 years, and 3 shall serve a term of 3 years. Thereafter, the term for each member shall be 3 years except for the alderperson, whose term shall be limited to one year.

Training. In order to ensure continued Historic Preservation Committee expertise and credibility, the Committee shall designate at least one meeting each year for training to be provided by a recognized specialist in historic preservation.

Powers and Duties. The Historic Preservation Committee shall have the following powers and duties:

  1. To develop appropriate criteria and standards for identifying and evaluating historic structures, sites and districts.
  2. To collect necessary data, including photographs, drawings, descriptions, recorded interviews and written documentation, and to survey and permanently record the origin, development, use and historical significance of structures, sites and districts.
  3. To recommend the designation of historical structures, sites and districts within the City limits. Such historic structures, sites and districts shall be subject to all the provisions of this Article.
  4. To cooperate with federal, state and local agencies in the nomination of locally designated historic structures, sites and districts to the National Register of Historic Places.
  5. To recommend legislation and programs which provide economic incentives for historic preservation.
  6. To review certificates of appropriateness and to adopt policies and procedures for this function.
  7. To recommend appropriate markers or plaques for historic structures, sites and districts.
  8. To receive and solicit gifts and contributions for historic preservation in the City, to be placed in a special account.
  9. To promote among the citizens of Marshfield continuing public awareness and support for the heritage of the City, as exemplified by its historic structures, sites and districts.

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