2019 Employee Benefit Information

The City of Marshfield is committed to providing our employees with a valuable benefits package.  Below you will find information on each of our benefit programs.  If you have questions regarding your benefits, please contact Human Resources at 715-486-2004.  

Health Insurance 
Security Health Plan
The City offers two health plan options, a Traditional Plan and a High Deductible Health Plan with an Health Savings Account (HSA).   Enrollment in the City’s health plan automatically includes the vision hardware plan administered by National Vision Administrators.

*Costs for the vision hardware plan are included in the premiums listed above.

Traditional Plan (380)
2019 SHP Traditional Plan Schedule of Benefits
2019 SHP Traditional Plan Summary of Benefits and Coverage

High Deductible Health Plan/H.S.A (381)
2019 SHP HDHP/HSA Plan Schedule of Benefits
2019 SHP HDHP/HSA Summary of Benefits and Coverage
2019 Preventive Medication List

Care My Way
Employees enrolled in the Traditional Plan receive up to 3 free Care My Way visits per family member enrolled in the plan per year.  Employees in the HDHP/HSA Plan pay the $40 cost of the visit.
Link to Care My Way

Vision Hardware Plan*
National Vision Administrators 
National Vision Administrators (NVA) Summary of Benefits 
Link to In-Network Providers: https://www.e-nva.com/nva/content/home/home.xhtml.  Go to "Find Provider."
* Costs for the vision hardware plan are included in the health insurance premiums listed above.

Health Savings Account (H.S.A)
Forward Bank
All employer and employee contributions are directly deposites into the employee's HSA with Forward Bank.

Dental Insurance
Delta Dental

*Street Division, Wastewater, Parks Maintenance, Custodial, Ordinance Enforcement Officers, Police, & Fire employees pay full premium.
Delta Dental Plan Summary
Link to In-Network PPO and Premier Providers: https://deltadentalwi.com/provider-search/dental/

Flexible Spending Accounts
Employee Benefits Corporation (EBC)
  *Medical FSA (2019 annual maximum contribution is $2700) -cannot be used with a High Deductible Health Plan
  *Dependent Care FSA (2019 annual maximum contribution is $5000).
EBC BESTflex Plan Summary Plan Description
EBC BESTflex Plan Document
EBC BESTflex FSA Qualified Expense List
EBC BESTflex Grace Period
Link to website for claims processing: https://www.ebcflex.com/

Long-Term Disability Insurance
Lincoln Financial

Life Insurance
Employee Trust Funds
ETF’s “Group Life Insurance Local Overview” 

ETF’s “Group Life Insurance Program” booklet
Beneficiary Designation Form

Wisconsin Retirement System

Employee Trust Funds
ETF’s Home Page

WRS “Your Benefit Handbook”
ETF’s “Retirement Planning Checklist”
WRS Guide to Retirement
ETF Benefit Presentations (video, face-to face or webinars)
Beneficiary Designation Form

457 Deferred Compensation

To request an enrollment kit, please contact Human Resources at 715-387-6597.
See Nationwide Account Representative contact information below.

Post Employment Health Plan (PEHP)


Nationwide Account Representative
Eric Glinisky, CRC, Retirement Specialist-Northeast WI
Nationwide Retirement Solutions
Cell: 715-245-7408/Fax: 877-753-2590/Email: glinske1@nationwide.com
Nationwide Customer Service:  877-677-3678
Website:  http://www.nrsforu.com/

Employee Assistance Program (Available to employees and family members 24/7)
Ascension Employer Solutions
Phone: 800-540-3758
Email: eap@ascension.org
Link to website: www.ascensionwieap.org
To schedule an appointment online visit:    https://ascensionwieap.org/about-us/meet-our-staff/schedule-an-appointment
To learn more about EAP, please watch this video:  https://ascensionwieap.org/employee-resources
EAP Frequently asked questions (FAQs):  https://ascensionwieap.org/en/employee-resources/eap-faq

 Mid-AmericaHealth Reimbursement Account (HRA)
Mid-American HRA Summary of Benefits and Coverage