Health/Vision Insurance

2018 Insurance Information

Health Insurance:  Traditional Plan
2018 SHP Traditional Plan Schedule of Benefits
2018 SHP Traditional Plan Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Health Insurance:  High Deductible Health Plan/H.S.A
2018 SHP HDHP/HSA Plan Schedule of Benefits
2018 SHP HDHP/HSA Summary of Benefits and Coverage
2018 Preventive Medication List

Care My Way
Employees enrolled in the Traditional Plan receive up to 3 free Care My Way visits per family member enrolled in the plan per year.  Employees in the HDHP/HSA Plan pay the cost of the visit.
Care My Way

Vision Insurance
National Vision Administrators (NVA) Summary of Benefits
List of local providers

2018 Health/Vision Insurance Premiums

  Traditional Plan  HSA Plan
Employer Contribution  $1,584.22 $1,351.37
Employee Contribution  $  281.53  $   240.31
Total $1,865.75 $1,591.68
Employer Contribution  $   685.70 $   584.91
Employee Contribution  $   121.53 $   103.74
Total  $   807.23 $   688.65